Tom Ford To Introduce Fake Watches

Tom Ford, the slicker-than-satin fashion designer and filmmaker, has announced he’s collaborating on a replica designer watches collection, Tom Ford Timepieces, with Bedrock Manufacturing Co.

In a press statement on the collaboration, Ford said, “Watches have long been an obsession of mine, and I have been waiting for the perfect moment in our brand development to introduce this category, and have also waited for the perfect partner. We have found that in [Bedrock Manufacturing founder] Tom Kartsotis and Bedrock Manufacturing Co. His passion and expertise in the industry are unparalleled, and I could not be more excited to embark on this venture with Tom and the team at Bedrock.”

tom ford replica timepieces

Kartsotis is for sure a player in the fake watch world, and has invested in a number of trendy, successful brands.

He launched Fossil in 1984, serving in a number of executive capacities, including CEO and president, before exiting. Then, in a move that came out of left field, he reinvented Shinola, an old shoe polish brand, as a hipster watch brand. Kartsotis also invested in American designer and retailer Steven Alan, along with classic outdoor brand Filson, which has enjoyed a nice little resurgence in recent years. He’s also served on Burton Snowboard’s board of directors since 2004.

Tom Ford Replica Timepieces, which will be launched in limited quantities, will be made in Switzerland. I, for one, can’t wait to get a look at them.

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