Smart Copy Watches To Help You Pull A Sickie: Scientists Develop Technology To Predict Flu

Researchers found the replica watches with swiss movement uk and similar personal biosensors can show when people are about start showing cold and flu symptoms and even signal the onset of more complex conditions like Lyme disease and diabetes.

Michael Snyder, Professor and Chair of Genetics at Stanford University, said: “We want to tell when people are healthy and also catch illnesses at their earliest stages.”

Smart copy watches are commonly used for measuring steps and physiological parameters but until now have not been used to detect illness.

Prof Snyder’s team took advantage of the portability and ease of using wearable devices to chart changes in heart rate and skin temperature.

And because the devices continuously monitor these measures they can provide rapid means to detect the onset of illness.

He found changes in heart rate and skin temperature often occurred when people became ill.

smart copy watches

smart copy watches

So Prof Snyder and his team wrote a software program for data from a smart cheap replica watches for sale called ‘Change of Heart’ to detect these deviations and sense when people are becoming sick.

This research paves the way for the smart phone to serve as a health dashboard, monitoring health and sensing early signs of illness before the person wearing realises they are going down with something.

Prof Snyder said: “The information collected could aid your physician, although we can expect some initial challenges in how to integrate the data into clinical practice.

“For example, patients may want to protect the privacy of their physiologic data or may want to share only some of it.

“Physicians and third-party payers will demand robust research to help guide how this comprehensive longitudinal personal data should be used in clinical care.

“However, in the long-term I am very optimistic that personal biosensors will help us maintain healthier lives.”

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