The Five Best Cheap Replica Watches Of 2016 That You Probably Forgot About

This year we had some greats that we couldn’t get out of our heads, like the Rolex Daytona with ceramic bezel, Audemars Piguet Extra-Thin Tourbillon in platinum, and the A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Thin 37mm. But there are few watches that you may have forgotten, not because they were not worth remembering, but because of the sheer volume of watches released every year. Here are five great cheap replica watches that you probably forgot about, but definitely should remember.

Best Cheap Replica Longines Railroad

Longines Railroad

What Is It?

This year, Longines went back to its roots (something we think it does really well in general) and added this vintage-inspired Railroad watch to its Heritage Collection. It’s based on the 1966 version of the “railroad grade” watches that were formerly produced by Longines for actually conductors, powered by the high-grade caliber 280 movement. The new version features a 40mm stainless steel case, and runs on the caliber L888.2 movement (an ETA caliber made for Longines) as represented on the dial.
Why Do We Love It?

Because we love vintage hands-on with the longines railroad watches just as much as modern watches (sometimes more) and this reinterpretation is spot on. We love a well-executed throwback and the Railroad is, we think a great example of retro done right. Did we mention that this piece also retails for $1,850? A near-perfect reincarnation of a classic at a can’t-beat-this price is a heck of a value proposition; extra points for not having a date window.

Best Cheap Replica Patek Philippe Reference 5327

Patek Philippe Reference 5327

What Is It?

This year, the big Patek Philippe fanfare came late in the year with the 40th Anniversary Nautilus (cue comments), but one watch that slipped through the cracks was this gorgeous new perpetual calendar in a 39mm case. The reference 5327 is a brand new addition to the Patek Philippe family and it does not disappoint. The watch replaces the classic reference 5140, but with the same caliber 240Q that has powered perpetual calendars for the past 30-plus years. The big differences with this watch are the new 39mm case, and dial options. The new 5327 is available in rose, yellow, and white gold with a slate gray/blue dial or silvered dial both with Breguet numerals. This new perpetual calendar model watch was a welcome replacement to the long-standing 5140.
Why Do We Love It?

Because this watch, in both versions, is crazy good looking. Patek is known for its perpetual calendars, and you don’t get better than the 240Q movement. The best thing about this new reference is the case size though – 39mm seems to be the case size du jour and many would argue that it is the perfect size (though, I know some of you will disagree). This watch is the type of thing Patek does best, and it reminds me of the good old days, rather than some of the gaudier things that have been released in recent years.

Best Cheap Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Openworked Double Balance Wheel Reference 15407

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Openworked Double Balance Wheel

What Is It?

Along with a platinum tourbillon, some frosted gold pieces, and the high-tech Supersonnerie minute repeater, Audemars Piguet also released this openworked Royal Oak with double balance wheel. This watch was totally overlooked, which is a shame because it is an extremely rare example of a double balance watch, and the only one we know of, of this specific configuration (two balances on the same axis, with balance springs set up to counteract each other’s position errors). This reference is available in either steel or rose gold for the 41mm case and integrated bracelet.
Why Do We Love It?

This new favorite Royal Oak has the classic shape that we know and love, combined with an incredible caliber with beautiful finishing as well as a promise of improved accuracy.  We love when Audemars Piguet flexes its hardcore watchmaking muscles and that is exactly what this watch represents, all while being extremely wearable and somewhat practical.

Best Cheap Replica Rolex Daytona Reference 116508 In Yellow Gold With Green Dial

The Rolex Daytona Reference 116508 in yellow gold with green dial

What Is It?

This is the reference 116508, and it’s the well-known Daytona but in yellow gold with a green dial and red accents. Sure, the steel/ceramic combo got all the attention (like, seriously, all the attention), but we were able to see this watch in two toned blue at Baselworld privately and loved it. Now that it is out in the world for everyone to see, we can finally talk about it. In person, the dial color is much more of a deep emerald green than it looks in the press images  (Jack almost had a heart attack when he saw it, in keeping with his weakness for gold Rolexes).

Why Do We Love It?

Because if you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re pretty big Daytona fans here at HODINKEE HQ, and I am personally into a bit of bling. It’s also almost the polar opposite of the Daytona that everyone’s talking about right now, and a bit of a contrarian’s solution to the popularity and, some would say, overexposure of the steel/ceramic modeld.

Best Cheap Replica IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph

IWC Pilot's Watch Timezoner Chronograph

What Is It?

This cool worldtime chronograph from IWC is another one that sadly seemed to get lost in the year’s shuffle. This watch is particularly cool as it allows the wearer to change the timezone simply by turning the bezel to the correct city. This technology was initially invented by Michael Vogt and his company Vogard. IWC later purchased this technology, and voila! You have the 45mm Timezoner Chronograph. On top of this new worldtime function, the watch features a flyback chronograph, 24-hour indication, summer time indication, 12-hour and 30-minute registers, time (duh) and date.
Why Do We Love It?

This watch features an in-house  iwc pilot’s chronograph automatic caliber (89760) movement and the classic aviator styling. It’s also a great example of IWC reinterpreting complications in new, practical ways (with some help from acquired technology, if we’re being fair). Worldtime and travel time watches can be difficult and clumsy to use, but this one’s extremely easy. Some folks find it too big and/or too busy, and while there is something to both objections, we loved the combination of a chronograph with a great, and unusual, implementation of a dual time zone complication.

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