The Best Travel Fake Watches Of 2017 For Men

From the classic Rolex of a well-heeled traveler to the all-time favourite G-Shock, we list the 10 travel best replica watches of the season to aid your nomadic. Whether you’re prepping for some deep-sea exploration or you’ve just won that Elon Musk Mars trip lottery, or even if you’re just hopping from business class to boardroom – these are the timepieces to travel with.

travel replica watches

travel replica watches

Replica IWC Big Pilot (Platinum Edition)

One stint on Michael Jordan’s billion-dollar wrist – the NBA legend sported this Platinum edition while receiving the Congressional Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama last year – and the IWC Big Pilot went really, really big, unofficially becoming the season’s MVP of aviation watches. Based on navigator watches from the Forties, its clean, bold interface and classical appeal are sure to catch your eye.

Replica Breitling Chronospace Evo Night Mission

The aviation watch is the bedrock upon which Breitling’s horological church has been set up. Now, with the evocatively named Chronospace Evo Night Mission, Breitling’s black ops-style chronograph comes with a SuperQuartz movement that’s 10 times more reliable than the standard quartz one, and provides the kind of accuracy only aviators can truly appreciate.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II

Nothing says a well-heeled traveller like a Rolex on your wrist. While this may not always work to your advantage (don’t, for example, wear it in a rough neighbourhood), the GMT Master II’s easy readability and second time zone hand make it a rare combination of functional and sartorial versatility, rugged and dressy, all at once.

Fake Rolex GMT Master II

Fake Rolex GMT Master II

Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Tropical vacations, deep-sea diving, Arctic exploration – the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is your go-to timepiece for any adventure. A hardcore dive watch at heart, rendered more practical by a dual-time zone mechanism, it’s a decidedly modern alternative to the more traditional marine chronographs.

Replica Vacheron Constantin Overseas Wolrd Time

A world-time complication is to a travel watch what salted peanuts are to beer. VC’s Overseas World Time shows every time zone there is – including the half-hour ones, like ours. And with a Lambert projection world map artfully etched into the centre, it’s one of the most exquisitely styled expressions of the unconquerable nomadic spirit.

Replica Breguet Classique Hora Mundi

With its sharply cut moonphase sub-dial, dual-time zone complication and sheer good looks, this one packs the classical charm and visual sophistication of a glorious, bygone era mixed with a hint of the modern.

Replica Ulysse Nardin Classic Sonata Limited Edition

The traditional- looking watch has the sole distinction of chiming an alarm you’d want to wake up to, thanks to UN’s use of cathedral gongs in it. Also being able to keep track of the time at home makes it a fitting companion for those densely packed business trips with little room for sleep.

Ulysse Nardin Classic Sonata Limited Edition

Ulysse Nardin Classic Sonata Limited Edition

Replica Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Sports

For those who need to cut loose from civilization every now and then, with nothing but a backpack and a walking stick for company – and a GPS watch, like this one. Its fitness tracking capabilities can all but detect cell death, and its extended battery life means you can head into the mountains with wild abandon.

Replica Seiko Astron GPS Chronograph

The Seiko Astron’s appeal lies in just how understated and fuss- free it is. Targeted at the not-quite- mechanically inclined, the quartz-operated chronograph’s got a GPS-based mechanism to calibrate its date and time, as well as a solar-powered battery. For those who value functionality above all else.

Replica Casio G-Shock GA700

The Casio G-Shock has always been the Bruce Willis of quartz watches. However, unlike Willis, the GA700 seems capable of surviving an asteroid collision and then easily moving on to its next heroic venture. Equipped with a 3D dial and front-facing crown, this square-jawed super trooper also gives you access to 31 time zones that come in handy during all that planet-saving business.

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